This melodic story teller managed to partner dope beats, with clever verses and sex appeal. Sza’s sophomore project, titled Crtl ; has a fresh approach to her nonchalant R&B sound, with plays of pop and indie.  We all love SZA and were waiting for this since her 2014 debut. She did drop a few moments with RIRI , KENDRICK LAMAR, WILLOUGH , and TRAVIS SCOTT.. ( LOVE GALORE, my daily current MOOD).  For Crtl, I found myself feeling as if I was reading a series text conversations from a rather complex situation. With stories told from the side chick that knows her place to a woman that is reflecting on time past. Overall, it was a debut of something we expected to hear… which sounds great…

On the flipside, I am happy she released the project as I still know a few folks that sometimes mix up the newer artist more mysterious H.E.R…don’t front you low-key know it’s the truth.  In a nutshell, It’s a mature series of lullabies for a chill summer listen. The Weekend will be on repeat at 9J.